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Welcome to Distant Skies!

'Distant Skies' is a fan site for Crystalis. When I was a kid I rented a lot of video games. I have some very fond gaming memories of that time. I still remember playing "Willow" and "Dragon Spirit: The New Legend" while my mom sat on the couch cheering me on. I remember her playing "Swords and Serpents" and making detailed maps in a pad of graph paper. One day, on no particular occasion Mom came home with a game she saw on a discount rack. She had read the back of the box and thought it sounded like something I'd be interested in. What a find! It was "Crystalis" and to this day it remains my favorite NES game for its unique storyline, colorful art style, and wonderful soundtrack.

About Crystalis


'Crystalis' is an Action-RPG for the Nintendo Entertainment System. It was released in Japan in April of 1990 and in the United States in July 1990. It was praised by critics at the time for its graphics and gameplay and it inspired a devout, if somewhat small, fan following. In Japan the game was called ゴッド・スレイヤー はるか天空のソナタ or God Slayer: Sonata of the Distant Sky. You can learn more about Crystalis from its Wikipedia article which you can find by clicking here or from some other great fan sites which you can find on my Links page here.

News & Updates

SNK 40th Anniversary Collection - Posted 1 May 2019

I know this news is a little late, but SNK has recently released the "SNK 40th Anniversary Collection" for Nintendo Switch and it contains Crystalis! This is the only current way to buy a copy of Crystalis, so if you have a Nintendo Switch, check it out!

Town Info/Maps - Posted 10 Jan. 2018

Updated the World page again to display town info a little more cleanly and to include maps (currently unlabelled)!

Progress - Posted 9 Jan. 2018

The Towns section of the World page is complete! All your shop information can be found here!

Progress - Posted 14 Nov. 2016

Finally got a Characters page added. Main characters are up and more info on them will filter in over time. A big upcoming part of this project is to update all of these pages to a more consistent HTML5 standard. That'll be a long process and hopefully these changes won't even be noticed. :) Beyond that I'll be adding more content over time. Thanks everyone!

Work in Progress - Posted October 30, 2016

Work has resumed to finish up my little Crystalis shrine. Stay tuned.

Graphics Changes - Posted October 23, 2012

I've decided to make a small change to how I do graphics on the site. I was taking the in-game graphics and processing them to make them look higher res, but I've decided instead to stick with the original pixel art. I think this looks truer to the game and it also should make site updates a bit easier, and thus more frequent. :)