My Crystalis Walkthrough

When the intro finishes you'll be presented with a futuristic log-in screen. Enter your desired name and select END to get started. You will emerge from a strange metallic structure. Leave the cave to the south, then head west to enter the Village of Leaf.

Leaf Village

Talk to everyone to get an idea of what's going on in the world. But before you leave be sure you talk to the elder in the northwest building. He will give you the Sword of Wind. Be sure to equip this in your inventory screen. Then speak with the man in the northeast building. With the money he gives you, visit the item shop in the southwest area of town and purchase an Alarm Flute. Then leave town by heading north.

Valley of Wind

If you're like me you probably saw some equipment in town that you'd like to have. Feel free to wander about killing the various enemies outside Leaf Village to get enough gold to buy the Tanned Hide and Carapace Shield. By then you will have gained a level or two which will be helpful in the time to come. While you're exploring the valley, head west to find an icy cave. Follow the path to speak with the wise man Zebu.

By his instruction, leave the cave and head north/northeast. If you see the windmill you're almost there. Keep heading east, and then north over a bridge and into a cave. Follow the cave until the path splits west and north. Take the north path to find the windmill guard sleeping. Select the Alarm Flute from your inventory and then press the 'B' button to wake him. He will give you the Windmill Key needed to start the windmill. Head south and take the west fork in the cave to get to the windmill. Once inside, equip the Windmill Key as you did the Alarm Flute, and press 'B' to use it.

Head back out to the valley the way you came in and approach the newly opened cave. As you approach a voice will ring out. It's Zebu, who will teach you the spell of Refresh.

Wind Valley Cave

Depending on how much fighting you did outside, this may be your first real challenge. The enemies in the cave have stepped it up a notch. There are a few things you may want to consider before entering. Head back to Leaf Village and pick up a few Antidotes and a few pair of Warp Boots. Once you feel adequately prepared head back to the cave.

Follow the path as it winds around. After the second staircase you'll come to a fork in the path. Ignore the north path and continue east. Be very careful, the Red Slimes in the area can poison you. A staircase to the north will take you to a treasure chest. Continuing east will bring to an area with several paths. Each of these paths end, so don't worry about getting lost. There are a few treasure chests here but the most important one is at the end of the southeast path. At the end of the path is a chest with the Ball of Wind. Open your inventory and equip the Ball of Wind. You'll notice you can now charge your attack up to level 2. The level 2 wind attack lets you blow down rock walls.

Return the way you came until you get to the north path we originally ignored. Now that you have the Ball of Wind you can head north and use your new found power to open the path. Afterwards the path splits east and west. Go west to find a treasure chest. Head east to continue through the cave. At this point it's important to make sure you're at least level 3. When you're ready go through the staircase at the end and follow the path.

You'll come to a large room and your first boss fight will begin: The Vampire. The Vampire will occasionally teleport around the room accompanied by two bats. Kill the bats to give yourself a bit of breathing room (though they will eventually return). As the Vampire takes damage he will teleport around more quickly. When you defeat him the path will open and you'll be rewarded with the Rabbit Boots! Continue following the cave path as it winds back to the south and opens up into a new area.

Cordel Plains

As you emerge from the Wind Valley Cave you'll find yourself in a very large area, the Cordel Plains. First things first. Follow the edge of the mountain west and south to get to the town of Brynmaer.


When you first arrive in Brynmaer the first person you meet will likely be Akahana. He's standing right at the entrance when you come in. He'll mention that he lost something just outside of town. Feel free to wander about Brynmaer talking with the local townsfolk and checking out all the shops. If you have the cash now's a good time to upgrade your armor and shield. When you're finished leave town and wander east until you hit a river. Follow the river north and then east to a bridge. Cross the bridge and turn back west. You'll find some tall grass. Wander about until you find the Statue of Onyx. Return to Akahana in Brynmaer. In return for finding his statue he will give you a Gas Mask.

Poisonous Swamp and Tornel's Training Dojo

Now that you have the Gas Mask you'll be able to survive the poisonous swamp to the east. Head back outside, back across the bridge, and continue heading east. Make sure you're wearing the Gas Mask before you enter the swamp. Once you're in the swamp keep going right until the second path goes up. Follow that path up until you come to the village of Oak. Talk with a few of the residents. They sadly won't have much to say yet. All you can do is head back out of the swamp. Head back towards Brynmaer, only when you cross the bridge keep walking north to reach Tornel's training dojo. Tornel will pit you against a pupil of his named Stom. Do your best to push him against the back wall by attacking as fast as you can. It's unlikely that you'll beat him the first few times. Simply leave and return to try again. Eventually you'll wear him down. As your reward Tornel teaches you the Telepathy spell. Casting it allows you to speak with any of the four sages. An additional passive benefit is that you can now understand animals (and the dwarves in Oak).

Head back through the swamp to Oak.

The Village of Oak and the Giant Insect

In Oak, speak with the dwarves. Speak to the dwarf in the very first house to learn that her son has gone missing in the swamp. From Oak you need to go down until the path ends. Then right until the next path down. The follow that path around to the left and you will find the Dwarf child at the end of the path. Return him to Oak (you can even use Warp Boots if you don't want to walk back). Speak with his mother again and you will recieve the Insect Flute. Then speak with the village elder and he will ask you to destroy the Giant Insect that's plaguing the village and give you the Sword of Fire.

From Oak go down, take the first path right, and follow it when it goes up. Use the Insect Flute to call the Giant Insect. The Giant Insect will move back and forth across the room shooting a rapid-fire attack from its mouth. Its mouth is its weakness. The safe option is to wait until the insect stops shooting and hit it with a Level 1 Sword of Fire shot as it passes over you. But you can also hit the insect while it shoots you if you get close enough to his attack. This allows you to get several shots in and take him down much quicker. Also watch out for flying bugs which will occasionally swoop in from off screen. For defeating the Giant Insect you will receive the Ball of Fire. Head back to Oak and the villagers will thank you for destroying the insect.

Mt. Saber West and Leaf Village

Return to Brynmaer to stock up on any supplies you need and upgrade your armor and shield if you haven't yet. Leave Brynmaer and go south following the line of the mountains. Heading into the next area you'll find yourself on snowy Mt. Saber. This is a good spot to do a bit of leveling up. The area is set up in a little loop so just kill some ice zombies, then enter/exit a cave to respawn them. You should be able to get to level 7 pretty quickly. Once you're ready to continue, enter the cave just above from the entrance. Proceed through the cave (these enemies force you to switch to the Sword of Wind) and destroy the ice wall using a Level 2 blast from the Sword of Fire and speak with Zebu.

He tells you to head back to Leaf Village. When you arrive you'll notice that Leaf has become a ghost town. Go into the small shed attached to the elder's house to find a small rabbit. Speak with him and he'll let you know what happened.

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