The Story of Crystalis

(From the official Crystalis instruction manual.)

It has been said that an ending is merely a beginning in disguise. And so it was that when the Great War engulfed the world, bringing civilization as we know it to an end, it ushered in the dawn of a new era. An era in which science and technology were shunned - for they had proven to be mankind's downfall - and the ancient arts of sorcery and magic were revived.

As the survivors slowly rebuilt their world, towns and villages began to spring up, and the wisest and most capable of the magicians used their magic to keep order. Peace reigned over the land for a hundred years... Until a powerful Magician named Draygon intrigued by the forbidden ways of science, began to study the principles of machines and flying. Realizing the power he might wield if he combined his magic with technology, his mind became twisted by the urge to control and dominate his fellow man.

Draygon created a computer capable of simulating his magic powers. He placed it in a floating fortified tower; and from his airborne fortress, he built and controlled his growing empire, until the entire planet was threatened by his ever-spreading evil.

In an attempt to combat Draygon, the other magicians constructed a series of powerful swords, along with powerful items to use with these swords. Based on the basic elements of the land - wind, fire, water, and thunder - the four swords if used together at full power, would transform into the next elemental stage - that of crystal. This would be the mightiest weapon ever created: the sword Crystalis.

Learning of their idea. Draygon seized the weapons; but they had made them too well, and he was unable to destroy them. Knowing they could only defeat him if used together. Draygon scattered the weapons throughout the land, and stripped the wise magicians of most of their powers.

In desperation, they began to study the writings from the time of the Great War, where they learned of a great magician, the most powerful who ever lived. He had been imprisoned in a cave and frozen by the evil forces of the Great War, who had hoped to use his powers to control the world after the war. Searching the globe, the wise men found the cave, and were amazed to find that the mighty magician frozen within was a mere lad.

Through they knew it might destroy them, they pooled all of their remaining power in an attempt to will him back to life. When the boy awoke his mind blank, even his name forgotten - they had vanished, leaving him to find his destiny in this strange new world.

In CRYSTALIS, you play the role of the young magician, making your way through Draygon's hostile land in an effort to locate the weapons you will need to defeat him. Draygon's monsters and black magic will threaten you at every turn; but you must not falter - only you can deliver the world from his scourge of evil!

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